I never post….sorry, but I guess tis’ alright because no-one follows!!! haha

Anyway anyone who’s out there, hello. Going to set up a new blog, just about my diary…so you wont have to always look a one JUST for fashion (well mostly gleee anyway)


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Sorry, no posts in a while!!

Man, I am sorry for not posting in like soooo long. Im sure you all missed me…yeah.

I do not like some em…aspects of Katy Perry ft Snoop Dog’s “Californie Girls” But I do ❤ her candy outfit, not the clouds scene, as I remember the fact that my dad paints close and it is a little disturbing to have him painting a naked Katy Perry in the clouds :O

Its beautiful :3 and I love those gummy bears xD

It all seems like a beautiful dream except the other bits. And the lyrics are um sexist, even though i love the tune.

Glee is over!!!! 😦 oh well and still keeps me updated. I so ❤ there blogs.

So Bloggers out there, how is life and such. On Monday, I am starting chef school as an activity week, gonna be fun fun fun I guess (If I want a dress like Katy’s I should be able to at least cook a cake. We also have an oriental day, which includes kebabs for my friend with qourn instead of Prawn toast and spring rolls instead of Bang Bang Chicken (cos’ she is vegetarian) Kebabs…exotic 😛 So how have yooooouuuu all been?

See you later,




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Been away

Sorry, been away in Andover seeing my Granny Beryl, dear of her. “Sending mental hugs”.

Anyway, what have all you little people been up to :3??

So, its great cinema time again!! The list of great movies at the cinema is…just great. Find it strange though that all the great movies are from when people would rather be in the sun!!

Short one today as I am watching Doctor Whooooooo and am looking forward to Britains got Talent FINALLL!!!

So em, I’m not picky about who to win 2 be honest. Kieran the drummer, Twist and Pulse, The Dog act, the Imperssionist,  Tobias Mead, Spelbound, those mostly but anyone really 😉

xoxo Surprise…


“I am currently running away from the tide,

For I dont want to be caught, in love”

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Choices of the Day

Hey!       Sorry was busy yesterday with a sleepover 🙂


All the songs from Glee \”Theatrically\”



This dress is beautiful, but wish the petticoat and lace started under the straight on the grey ribbon :3


“To be or not to be, that is the question”

Did he ever find out the answer??

xoxo suurrrprise!



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Choices of the day!


Puck & Mercedes-Girl is a Tramp <—–youtube version

Have been listening to it all day and just thought i’d like to share it with everyone :3



Gok Wan’s fashion fix is amazing, especially all the customising bits, but this pretty theme really stuck in my head, the wonderfullness of it all 🙂 made me melt…


 Is this actually the amazing Gok Wan!! Shocked :O

xoxo suurrprise…


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First Blog

Well Hello to my first reading bloggers!! (you’d have to be because you’d be reading this, you may not be my first but you are all equally special to meeee!) hows everyone at WordPress?? And so everyone knows I am kinda doing all round thoughts like tv shows and moorrreeeeeeee.

Like  may I say, I have never seen THIS episode of glee (as much as I WOULD like to see puck or finn wearing those skin tight outifts, ra raaah) but seriously, when did this come in series 1? Am I missing something?? 

Also close your eyes and doesnt Puck sound strangely like Micheal Buble when he’s singing “Lady is a Tramp” which I am constantly listening to repeatedly, may I add. Then you open your eyes and Puck is total eye candy too, yeah easy on the eyes alright! But every single Glee member I ❤ in my own way.

              Moving On, BIG shocker, I actually only JUST got my first Elle magazine today. It’s all so glamorous, its really enchanting, I didnt actually want to touch it and hid it underneath my coat everywhere I went in the Rain. And I hugged it.

Also, to all who have Elle June 2010, is that Lady gaga on page 215??? It’s actually a Magazine basically FILLED with advertisments, but glamorous beauty ones. It’s inspirational :3

So, Finally on to my Fashion-Able or Fashion-Dis-Able fashion 🙂        Now of course I LOVE Lady Gaga and her fashion sense, but this peice is puzzling me. It seems like a Rather lot of Dead Kermits have engulfed her to be her Queen!! dun dun DUNNNN!!! but anyway….I still ❤ her :3

FashionAble or Fashion-DisAble

What do you think??

xoxo suuuurrrprise…


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